Bringing a new real estate team to life, from brand to collateral, to digital presence.
With real estate being one of the most competitive industries in the US, this new team, with the southern charm, were looking for a way to stand out from the start, but yet have a brand be consistent to the core of who they were. With nothing but an idea and a belief, we teamed up and got to work.
After research, insights and numerous creative and client meetings, the ‘bit Southern Group brand was born. From logo design, defining color pallets, establishing a brand voice, along with building its digital presence, we successfully launched the brand. On the heels of the brand launch, the marketing strategy was created and executed.
The tactical execution of the strategy resulted in over 500 leads in the first 6 months in addition to the recruitment of multiple agents. We are really looking forward to what 2018 brings.

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