Solutions Process

We listen to the voice of the customer and figure out where to align it with the brand, then throw the rest out.


We believe that the most successful endeavors have a common thread: they are born out of an in-depth understanding of business objectives and audience needs. Our process supports both.



We provide an unbiased perspective using the product, consumer target, and audience analytics. Then we overlay user perception for added insight.



We devise a defined strategy by focusing on key performance indicators and project goals. But, of course, the ultimate user experience is always priority number one.



We follow a defined strategy and timelines for every product from beginning to end. Through this process, we develop innovative products that support the business goals.

ALIVE 747™

Alive747™ simplifies social media content creation for businesses by transforming 60 minutes of video footage into over 100 pieces of content distributed across seven platforms, four times a day, seven days a week. The service includes transcribing, editing, designing, formatting, caption drafting, hashtag selection, and post-scheduling. In addition, they send a social media calendar two to four weeks in advance, improving organic brand recognition and SEO. Sign up for Alive747™ today to reduce social media content creation stress and boost your online presence. Read more about Alive 747™


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Alive Context™ is an innovative and transformative method for scalable new customer acquisition. By harnessing the power of context, intent, and interest within walled gardens, we pinpoint and select highly engaged individuals who have shown a keen interest in a category or brand-relevant content across social media platforms. This provides our clients access to valuable, virtually untapped first-party data, empowering them to craft targeted campaigns that effectively reach their ideal customer base. Read more about Alive Context™

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Paid Media

With millions of pieces of content posted every day, it is becoming increasingly tricky to organically build a brand, no matter the size or industry.

Paid media is a proven way to ensure your brand message or promotion cuts through noise and clutter by utilizing highly-targeted digital ads.

Social Media Ads


PPC & Search

Digital Production

The digital products of any brand are an integral and essential aspect. They are often the first experience new customers have with a brand and leave a lasting impression. The creation of your assets communicates your values and your commitment to innovation. The Alive Agency’s team of designers, producers, and developers are experienced in merging form and function to create experiences your customers will never forget.

Website Design & Development

Video Creation


Creative Services

Good creative leaves a lasting impression. Alive will design an innovative strategy to help you stand out and shine in a highly competitive marketplace. We can create the look and story of your brand, no matter if you are a startup or established and in need of a refresh. In addition, we help you connect to your customers with direct conversations to build and maintain successful brands.


UX/UI Design




With the everchanging social media landscape, it is essential to know what is a necessity and optional when it comes to your brand’s social media presence and community.

Alive will work with you to create or update your social media strategy and support it with top-notch execution through well-defined tactics.

Community Management

Social Content Creation

Profile Setup & Management

B2B(2C) Solutions

Business to business (b2b) marketing is distinctively different. We assist you and your brand in identifying the ideal target company and reaching the decision-maker, the influencers, and gate-keepers within a company.

B2B marketing is high precision and executed with a scalpel, not an ax.

Lead Generation

Persona Development

Conversion Funnel Creation & Management

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