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Most engagement happens away from a desk and computer screen.

Brands must be prepared to engage with users on the go, no matter where or when.

Our approach looks at maximizing the customer experience first, aligning it with personal preferences, and ensuring it aligns with business goals.

How we are different

Even though just three years old, we have decades of experience dealing with challenging obstacles and producing solutions. Our differentiator is that we look at the user experience from a different approach, mobile; not just the mobile device in everyone’s hand but the mobile (adj.) user.

Most define “mobile” as a phone. However, many mobile devices allow users access to information and tools that impact their lives. These devices could include tablets/readers, wearables, in-car navigations, and IoT, to name a few.

You see, mobile is more than a device. Mobile is the lens through which we experience everything. From work to play, at home or out shopping – mobile connects the dots between our most valued online and offline experiences. And we help connect those dots.

Our Approach

We begin by defining the goal, outlining requirements, and identifying the key issues which our solution must resolve. This helps us create a dynamic plan of attack for the rest of the project. As we move into the next stage, we begin to innovate to meet your needs, keeping in mind that we are always in the process of discovery. We build our solutions based on our plan of attack and your evolving requirements. If the marketplace changes or we discover new requirements you have from our solutions, our strategy adapts. Finally, we shift the project into a final stage. We equip you to utilize the plan we outlined and implemented together fully. We perform the necessary maintenance of our products and establish a lasting relationships with clients.


Our discovery phase starts with listening to our clients, asking questions, learning about their industry, and listening some more.


The Creation phase is where we begin to execute all of the great ideas from our Discovery phase.


Our goal to push the envelope with greatness in mind. We pride ourselves on taking information from our first 2 phases and developing a solution that meets and exceeds all expectations.


Launching is both the finish line for the creation and innovation phases and the starting line of the service phase for our clients.


We make sure that all of our projects and clients are supported at the highest level and take care to deliver top-notch service on demand.


Alive strongly suggests that the goals of a project are reviewed consistently and measured against the audience and consumer exposure when receiving and using new solutions.

Our Latest Thoughts

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No matter if it is a mobile app or a new website development project, we pay the same attention to detail. 

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